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Get answers to questions about the Senya app and substitute teaching.
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Substitute Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll through the items below to learn about common questions and concerns that you might have around substitute teaching and the Senya app. If you don't see an answer that you need, you can explore our Resources pages or Contact Us directly with your question.

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FAQ about Substitute Teaching

What are the requirements to become a substitute teacher?

In most states, the basic requirement to become a substitute teacher is a fingerprint background check. The other requirement is a passion for helping schools and students! The Senya platform makes the process easy, helping you meet your particular state's requirements and getting you into classrooms quickly.

Are there substitute teaching jobs near me?

Yes! Substitutes are in high demand in every community, especially as schools grapple with staffing shortages. Senya is currently partnered with schools across Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New York City, Texas, and Utah!

How much do substitute teachers get paid?

The pay rate differs depending on the state and school, but substitutes typically make at least $100/day, with some schools paying well over $200 a day. When you join the Senya platform, pay for completed jobs is facilitated every Friday, and you are eligible to participate in the Tier Bonus program, where you can earn up to 25% extra pay on every job!

Can I do substitute teaching as a side/second job? How about full time?

Substitute teaching as a freelancer fits with all kinds of schedules! Many people enter substitute teaching as a side source of income, but many people discover that there is so much need and opportunity that they get hired by schools for permanent positions. Visit our Resource page to learn more about how substitute teaching can work with your goals.

What schools, grade levels, and classes will I be working with?

Senya partners with charter, private, and public schools; currently, charter schools make up the majority of our partners. Through the Senya platform, you can work with a variety of grade levels and class types, including elementary, middle, high school, special education, arts/"specials" classes, and so on! You can adjust settings on the app to see the schools, grade levels, or subject areas that you are interested in.

FAQ about the Senya App

Is the Senya mobile app different than the web platform?

You can access all the same features whether you are on the web version or have the app on your mobile device. However, substitutes share that the mobile app makes everything more convenient through notifications and the ability to browse jobs as soon as they post, no matter where you might be throughout the day.

What can I do on the Senya app?

The Senya app makes it easy and convenient for you to manage all aspects of substitute teaching:

  • step-by-step guidance through onboarding and fingerprinting
  • map, calendar, and list views to compare and accept jobs in your area
  • filters and notifications to see the jobs you are most interested in taking
  • directions and contacts for schools
  • calendars to set your schedule
  • reminders for upcoming jobs
  • resources to build up your substitute teaching skills
  • daily earnings tracker and weekly pay
  • direct chat support with Senya Customer Service

I have an emergency and need to cancel a job. What do I do?

If you must cancel a job, do it right away through the Senya platform so that the school can get another substitute––the more notice, the better for schools to get needed help. Jobs must be canceled more than 24 hours before the start time to maintain your eligibility for tier bonuses. For more details, visit the Readiness Center, click on Operational Policies, and then look at the Unplanned Circumstances items.

Something isn't working for me on the app. How do I get in contact with someone at Senya?

If you are seeing error messages or experience other technical issues, please reach out to the Senya Customer Support team. The fastest way to contact the team is by clicking on the red "Chat with Us" button on the app. You can also send a message through the Senya website's contact form. The support email and telephone number are also available on the contact page.

I have done everything to get started but am still waiting on my fingeprint results. How will I know when I am cleared?

You will receive an email once we receive your fingerprint results, letting you know that you can schedule the video introduction with a Senya representative. After that video call, you can be approved to begin subbing!

When will I be able to start viewing and accepting jobs?

Once you complete all the onboarding items, you will be able to get started right away! Typically, the item that has the most wait time is the fingerprinting, with clearance results coming within a few days to a week. After your fingerprint results are received, the final item is to schedule and meet with a Senya representative, who can approve you to view and accept jobs.

FAQ about the Tier Bonus Program

Who can participate in the Tier Bonus program?

Anyone who has been cleared to substitute teach on the Senya platform is eligible to participate in the Tier bonus program. There is no additional signup! The bonuses are based on working more during the calendar month and maintaining a high rating from schools. View our Resource page on the Tier Bonus program for more information.

How do I qualify for bonuses?

The Tier Bonus program works as follows:

  • Tier 1 - All substitutes begin at Tier 1 and get paid the regular school rates for each job.
  • Tier 2 - After completing your 5th job in a calendar month, you are upgraded to Tier 2 and get paid an additional 10% for every job for the rest of the month and all of the following month.
  • Tier 3 - After completing your 10th job in a calendar month, you are upgraded to Tier 3 and get paid an additional 18% for every job for the rest of the month and all of the following month.
  • Tier 4 - After completing your 15th job in a calendar month, you are upgraded to Tier 4 and get paid an additional 25% for every job the rest of the month and all of the following month.

The only other qualification is that you maintain a 4-star or higher rating from schools.

Why did my Tier status suddenly drop?

There are only a few reasons your Tier status drops:

  • You did not work the required number of jobs in a calendar month to maintain your current Tier.
  • Your average rating from schools has dropped below 4 stars.
  • You canceled a job within 24 hours of the start time, so you are moved down to Tier 1 for the next 5 jobs.

I got a low rating from a school, and it dropped my Tier status down. What do I do?

Continue taking substitute jobs; do everything you can to build relationships with schools and to earn high ratings. See the Resource page titled "5 Tips for Substitute Teachers" to learn about the top 5 things that schools say will earn their subs a 5-star rating.

FAQ about Payments, Fees, and the Everee Payment Provider

When do I get paid?

Senya facilitates payments from schools every Friday for the previous week's work, so those who take job opportunities every week can expect payments every Friday.

What is Everee?

Everee is a company that manages direct deposit payments. You will receive emails from Everee regarding your Friday payments.

Are there fees for using the Senya platform?

There is no fee for downloading the Senya app. There is only a standard $3.00 fee for each job that you arrange and complete through the Senya platform, which supports the development and maintenance of the software. The fee is deducted from your total pay, which you can track on the Income tab of your account.

Utah Only: Because Senya is initially billed for your background check cost with the state, this $35.00 is deducted from your first payment.

I don't think my pay is correct. Whom do I contact?

Contact a Senya Customer Support representative by clicking the red "Chat with Us" button on the app or by using the website Contact page. Do not contact Everee unless directed by a Senya representative.

I want payments to go to a different account. Where can I change my direct deposit on the app?

The fastest way is to click on the Income tab and go to the Direct Deposit item. This will allow you to make changes to your bank information. Note that it may take a few days for the changes to take effect (it takes Everee and your bank time to process the update).

FAQ about the Rating System

When do I get a rating?

Schools are able to give you a rating after the end time of each job. Schools rate you from 1-5 stars and can include feedback to explain their rating.

What happens if a school doesn't give me a rating?

If a school does not submit a rating within 48 hours, you are given a top rating by default.

What qualities will get me a high rating?

You can guess at some of the things that schools appreciate with substitutes, such as being professionally dressed, friendly toward staff and students, engaging in the classroom, and appropriate with personal conduct. However, there are a few things that you might not think about, which are discussed in more detail on our Resource page titled "5 Tips for Substitute Teachers." These are the top things that schools mention as reasons they give 5-star ratings.

Why did I get a low rating from a school?

There are a number of reasons why a school might be unsatisfied, but the top reasons that Senya receives from feedback include:

  • arriving late
  • being on a cell phone
  • remaining at the teacher desk all day
  • not following the teacher's lesson plan
  • discussing personal life details or other off-task topics
  • leaving students unattended
  • yelling at students

How do I rate a school where I subbed?

On the Income tab, you can see all your recently completed jobs; there is a green "Rate Job" button, where you can rate and give feedback. You are able to rate jobs up until you are paid for them, at which point the option disappears.

Who sees my rating?

Schools are able to see your average rating, but they do not see any specific feedback that schools have submitted.

FAQ about the 1099 Contract

What is a 1099 contract? Why is it called a 1099?

A 1099 contract means that you are an independent contractor, or freelance worker. You are considered self-employed for tax purposes, running your own business, which can include providing substitute teaching services to schools. Since you are not employed by Senya, your income is reported on a 1099 tax form.

Does Senya withhold taxes or provide insurance?

No. As a 1099 independent contractor, you are responsible to withhold your own taxes; it is recommended that you speak with a tax professional or study official tax information to determine those withholdings. As a contract worker, you are responsible to acquire any insurance that you are required or interested in holding.

Can I do other work outside of my contract with Senya?

Yes! As a freelance worker, you are not exclusively tied to Senya or even to substitute work. You are able to have other jobs and market your skills to seek any other work opportunities that you want to pursue.

When and where do I get my 1099 tax statement for the year?

You can access your 1099 tax statement for the previous year by going to the Income tab and clicking on the Tax Documents item. Everee posts the 1099 statement on January 31 of each new year. You may also create or log in to your Everee account to access the document. If your income from jobs on the Senya platform was less than $600.00, you will not receive a 1099 statement.

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