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Thinking about Substitute Teaching?

Learn how easy and rewarding it is to become a substitute!
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Thinking about substitute teaching?

Substitute teaching is a very rewarding job! For students and schools, substitute teachers are heroes, making sure that learning continues when teachers and staff are out. You can make a big difference in the lives of students, whether you do substitute teaching occasionally or choose to schedule jobs for yourself more frequently!

Continue reading to learn about the rewards, to see how much substitute teachers get paid, to learn about substitute teaching jobs near you, and to learn about the Senya platform––the exciting substitute teaching app that helps you access jobs that fit your schedule!

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What are the rewards of becoming a substitute teacher?

What are the requirements to be a substitute teacher?

How much do substitute teachers get paid?

Are there substitute jobs near me?

What is Senya?

What are the rewards of becoming a substitute teacher?

You might wonder if substitute teaching is right for you and if it is really as rewarding as other jobs in education. The answer is yes and yes! Substitute teachers fill a vital need in schools, and with regular staff absences, substitute teachers become the friendly face that students come to trust and appreciate.

You get to experience all the joys that other educators have in their work with students. There is no other feeling that compares to providing students with a safe and comfortable classroom environment, helping them understand the concepts they are learning, and supporting them as they practice in their classwork. Just like regular school staff, you get to be a part of the “aha” moments when a learning moment clicks with a student, when a student shares an insightful comment that stirs discussion, or when a student smiles proudly for finishing work. Ask any student, parent, teacher, or administrator––a friendly, supportive substitute is one of the most valuable members of a school community. Substitute teachers are superstars!

Another benefit of substitute teaching is getting yourself established as a potential candidate for permanent positions that open up at schools. Substitute teaching is a great step toward building relationships with schools, and many substitute teachers go on to work as permanent staff.

What are the requirements to be a substitute teacher?

It has never been easier to become a substitute teacher! The minimum requirement in most states is a high school diploma or GED and a fingerprint background check. The Senya platform will walk you through the process for your state, making it easy for you to get started!

If you don't have any previous experience with substitute teaching jobs, that's okay! The most important quality for a substitute teacher is a desire and passion to help students. The Senya platform provides resources for you to learn about important topics and skills in substitute teaching, such as classroom management, teaching strategies, and special education. You can go into classrooms prepared and confident, ready to help students be successful learners.

How much do substitute teachers get paid?

Substitute teacher pay might surprise you! While it depends on the school or district, substitute teachers are generally one of the highest-paid support positions in a school. Substitute pay may be an hourly rate or may be a set rate by day. At the lowest, substitutes earn about $130 per day, and at the high end, schools pay over $200 per day!

Many schools offer higher rates for substitute teachers with college education; schools may also offer higher substitute teacher pay for long-term positions, such as when a staff member is out for medical recovery or maternity leave. With the increasing need of schools post-pandemic, substitute pay continues to increase each year.

Best of all, Senya gets you even higher substitute teacher pay through its bonus program––the more substitute jobs that you complete throughout a month, the more you get paid! This is part of Senya's mission to give back to those who support students and schools. And by facilitating weekly pay from the schools, Senya makes sure that you and your family are taken care of. Continue reading to learn more!

Are there substitute jobs near me?

home with nearby schools

Yes! Schools in every community are facing a need for substitute teachers. And with the increasing number of charter and private schools in every state, the need continues to grow.

With the Senya platform, it is easier than ever to become a substitute teacher and accept substitute jobs near you! Once you have signed up on Senya and have completed the onboarding process, you can see substitute teaching jobs in your area by date and distance from your home. You can also view job details about the school, grade level, subject area, and pay rate. You will see that there are many opportunities are all around you––and schools are eager to have your support!

What is Senya?

Senya is a technology platform that connects schools and substitute teachers. Senya is built on the idea that there is a wealth of support within each community–– extraordinary people who are available to step into education as substitute teachers.

In this day and age of gig-work and supplementary income, Senya offers individuals the important and rewarding option of working with local students. Senya also believes in giving back to community members who substitute, and that is why we offer our unique program for substitutes to earn money bonuses.

Through Senya’s web platform or mobile app, you can begin accepting substitute teaching jobs in only a few simple steps!

  1. Sign up and complete your profile on Senya.
  2. Follow the process to get fingerprinted in your state.
  3. Begin substitute teaching!

Once you complete the onboarding process, you will be able to see and accept jobs in your area and begin working toward bonus pay!

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