Senya Subs Earn MORE $$!

Senya is the only platform that pays bonuses to substitutes over and above what schools pay. Subs can qualify for 10%, 18%, or up to 25% bonus pay based on the number of jobs worked in a month and by maintaining a minimum 4-star rating.


Tier 1

Our belief that education is everything drives us to create solutions that empower teachers, substitutes, and students to thrive.
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Tier 2

10% Bonus

Complete 5 jobs in 1 month


Keep minimum 4 star rating

After completing just 5 jobs in a calendar month, you’ll be moved up to Tier 2. Maintain a minimum of a 4-star rating to stay at Tier 2.
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Tier 3

18% Bonus

Complete 10 jobs in 1 month


Keep minimum 4 star rating

Completing 10 jobs within a month elevates you to Tier 3. Maintain your stellar 4-star (or higher) performance, and continue enjoying the perks of this level.

Tier 4

25% Bonus

Complete 15 jobs in 1 month


Keep minimum 4 star rating

For our most dedicated subs who finish 15 jobs in one month, we invite you to join the esteemed Tier 4 club. Relish the benefits and prestige, but ensure to uphold that 4-star rating or more.

It’s Easy to Become a Substitute with Senya

The Senya platform currently operates in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Utah. Don’t see your state listed? Let us know!

Joining Senya as a substitute teacher is quick and easy. Simply download the app, complete your profile, and start accepting job offers. Our platform connects you with schools in need of substitute teachers, making it convenient for you to find work. Substitute teacher qualifications vary per state, so check here to make sure you qualify!


Download the App

Senya’s substitute teaching app is available on iOS and Android. Downloading apps not your thing? You can also access Senya’s platform in your favorite web browsers.


Create Your Profile

Create your account and fill out your profile. Depending on your qualifications, you could earn more per job.


Get Ready

Head to Senya’s Readiness Center to complete required forms and access resources that can help you prepare to teach in the classroom.

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Sign up for substitute teaching jobs near you in the Find Jobs tab. See information like the school, grade, subject, and pay rate before you accept. Happy teaching!

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Senya Substitute Benefits

Spiral calendar
Decide your own schedule and only work when you want to.
Simple Sign Up
Sign up is quick and easy. Start subbing in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas, or Utah!
Money bag
Earn More
Earn bonuses by doing more jobs and maintaining a minimum 4-star rating.
Money with wings
Get Paid
Every Friday is payday! The Senya platform facilitates weekly pay from school jobs through weekly direct deposits.
Make a Difference
Find fulfillment in teaching future leaders, scientists, artists, and more.
Build Resume
Make lasting impressions on school admins and build a teaching resume.

Why Sub for Senya?
You'd Be Loco Not To.

When it comes to pay rates, jobs posted on the Senya platform can’t be beat.
A flyer that says Teacher for a day? Try Senya and become a hero in the classroom.
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  • Earn (on average) $19-35 per hour, or $114-$210 daily!
  • Pending Job Bonus - up to 30% of the school rate
  • Tier Bonuses - from 10-25% of the school rate
  • Upload your degree to unlock higher paying jobs
  • Direct deposit every Friday
  • Only $3 processing fee deducted from each job


  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Web app
  • Find jobs in your area
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Earn bonuses of up to 25% per job
  • Push notifications
  • Access lesson plans and notes
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Access pay statements and tax documents
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Download the App

Senya substitutes can currently operate in Arizona, New York, and Utah. Don’t see your state listed? Let us know!
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Best app!

Love, love this app. Senya has been an incredible company to work for. It's so convenient because I can work on my time. I totally recommend.

A. Wilson

Senya Substitute Teacher



The app is extremely user friendly and provides an easy way for subs to make good money! I love the bonuses and everyone at the company is always willing to help if I need it!

S. Plum

Senya Substitute Teacher



I've subbed with Senya for a year and they're great! The app is easy to work with and they are always quick to respond when I have an issue!

C. Solomon

Senya Substitute Teacher


Great way to make money!

There are no ads, and no crazy huge fees that eat chunks of your money. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing to make some extra change!

S. Fisher

Senya Substitute Teacher

What Subs Are Saying

See what substitutes have to say about Senya. Ready to start making a difference in classrooms? Download our app and become a substitute teacher with us.

Substitutes can find work opportunities on the platform in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Utah. Don’t see your state listed? Let us know!

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Earn Money as a Substitute Teacher

Download the Senya mobile app and start earning money as a substitute teacher. Join our community of educators today!

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Solving Sub Shortages One State at a Time

Senya started in Utah but is steadily expanding across the United States. Want to be a substitute but don’t see your state listed? Let us know where you’d like us to expand to next:

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Questions Subs Ask Us

Here are some of the most common questions we get from people looking to become a substitute teacher with Senya.

Who can be a substitute teacher with Senya?

Substitute teacher requirements vary by state, but for most states you don't need a degree or teacher certification. To learn more about the substitute requirements in your state, check out our Become a Sub resources.

What do I do if Senya is not available in my state?

We're constantly looking to expand across the nation and bring Senya to schools who need help filling their substitute teaching positions. We currently operate in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Utah. Let us know which states you're interested in us expanding to here.

How often do I get paid when subbing with Senya?

Senya facilitates payments from school jobs by direct deposit every Friday! Now you can celebrate since every Friday is pay day!

How much money can a substitute teacher make with Senya?

On average, subs on the Senya platform make anywhere from $19-35 per hour. This range varies depending on what state you're teaching in. To access higher paying jobs, you can upload proof of your degree. All substitutes on Senya can participate in the Tier Bonus Program to earn up to 25% more per job.

How is Senya different from other substitute teaching companies?

Senya is unlike any other substitute teaching company out there, for example, we offer a unique Tier Bonus Program in which we pay our substitutes up to 25% more per job on top of the school rate out of our own pocket. That's how much we believe in rewarding substitutes who do a super job.

How does subbing for Senya compare to other gig jobs like Uber and DoorDash?

If you qualify to be a substitute with us, you have the opportunity to make way more money! According to Indeed, the average Uber driver in the US makes $19.28 per hour while the average DoorDash driver makes $11.13 per hour. At Senya you could make anywhere from $19-35 per hour! As a substitute teacher you can also get an increased sense of fulfillment by teaching and making a difference in the lives of kids and teenagers. Subbing with Senya is a win-win-win for you, schools, and students!

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