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About Senya

Built to make the classroom a better place for everyone.

Our story began when we noticed a glaring problem: Schools have a hard time getting quality substitutes.

We Have One Goal

We make getting quality subs easier.

Everything we've done since our inception has innovated and simplified the entire substitute process.

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Our Method

Better incentives for better subs.

We not only reward our subs with better incentives, but we’ve been able to get more qualified subs into more classrooms all around the nation. And the best part? Districts, students and substitutes all benefit immensely from what we’ve created.

Values and Vision

Founded in 2018. Serving schools ever since.

Our platform will become a hub for schools and teachers everywhere to connect, fill jobs, and improve overall experiences in the classroom.

Our Mission

To provide the best platform that quickly connects schools with qualified and motivated substitute teachers. We aim to become a 'household name' for schools and districts across the nation, and to become the platform where subs are not only paid and rewarded the most, but can grow and climb the education ladder with ease

Our Vision

Our number one goal is to make sure every single employee feels extremely valued and respected. We want to create a space where they can truly say, 'This is my favorite job ever'. When employees are treated like royalty, highly respected, and love their job, the natural result is that they will provide the highest level of support to all of our customers.

Built to Serve

We constantly engender an attitude of doing all we can to help each and every customer in any way we can. We may not have every answer, but we will always do all we can to help as much as possible!

Meet the Team

Dave Wilson


Dave's biggest passion is in building and providing positive, helpful solutions to educators. Before being recruited as CEO of Senya 2021, Dave spent 6 years working for Studies Weekly. He provided solutions to educators that simplified their day, allowing them more time outside of school. It gave him a new focus and he brings that enthusiasm and passion to lead Senya's operations.

Rachel Nigri

Director of Client Success

Rachel was the first employee hired back when Senya was Ready2Teach in 2018. Since being with the company, she has worn many different hats; through that experience she has become the de facto client expert. She loves working with Senya and knows that it really is the better platform for better subs!

Molly Hale

Onboarding Manager

Molly started with Senya as a substitute teacher in 2018. She now functions as Senya's onboarding manager, and she is committed to recruiting and helping substitute teachers. She still substitute teaches with the platform occasionally to understand the sub-user experience and to help trouble shoot paint points with the app and onboarding experience.

Melissa Plummer

Chief Recruiting Officer

Melissa Plummer brings over 14 years of experience to Senya. With a proven track record in recruiting, talent acquisition, and talent management on a global scale, Melissa has consistently led teams of recruiters, and coordinators to identify and secure top-tier talent. Her exceptional leadership skills have been instrumental in implementing innovative talent strategies that drive success.

Bibhor Dhungel

Engineering Director

Bibhor is passionate about all things tech. With a background that includes impactful stints at Adobe and Instructure, he has been in the software engineering game for quite a while. Currently, he holds the role of Engineering Director, where he leverages his extensive experience to drive excellence in the world of SaaS products. When not knee-deep in code, you'll find him hiking and skiing.

A Powerful Platform to Lift Education Higher!

Our goal was to create a platform that made districts, schools, substitutes, and students happier. We think we succeeded.

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