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Free Sign Up

Sign up with ZERO up front, monthly, or annual fees, NO long-term contracts or exclusivity agreements, and NO cancellation fees! Only pay when we fill a job!
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Increase Efficiency

With our notification system that alerts subs in your area when you post an opening, you can spend less time calling, texting, and emailing.
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Qualified Subs

Access our pool of qualified and motivated substitute teachers to start filling your postings. You can even favorite subs that you like and create postings only they can see.

Last Minute Bonus

Has your job not been filled yet or a sub canceled at the last minute? Senya will add a bonus to help it get filled faster!
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Decrease Attrition

Make teachers and classrooms happier by finding substitutes that can cover their time off. This will help teachers avoid burn out and be less stressed!
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A Great Fit

Love a sub on the Senya platform? Schools can hire substitutes for permanent positions! Senya can also do outreach to fill positions by request.

It’s Easy to Become a Senya School

Joining Senya as a school is quick and easy. Our School Sign Up button will take you to our school onboarding flow to help you get your school signed up and get a school administrator account created. Once you have an account you can post jobs for our substitute teachers to accept!


Sign Up Your School

Click any of our school sign up buttons to begin our onboarding flow for schools. It's quick and easy!

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Simple Payment Options

Pay online directly through your account via credit, debit, or bank ACH. Or download your invoice and mail a check!


Post Sub Jobs

Post jobs for our qualified pool of substitutes to fill. You can set the pay rate and upload lesson plans.

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Sit Back and Relax

Our app will send notifications to subs in your area for the job you posted. Goodbye phone tag!

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Save Time and Money with Senya's Substitute Teacher Platform

Senya offers schools a cost-effective solution for finding qualified substitute teachers quickly and easily. With our platform, schools can save time and money by posting jobs to Senya’s job board where Senya’s pool of qualified subs can view and accept them.

+95% Fill Rates

With Senya's unique platform and innovation, our average schools see + 95% fill rates!

We pay MUCHOS bonuses!

You read that right! Senya is the only substitute teaching platform that pays mega sized bonuses to our substitute teachers.

Schools Love These Features

Our platform is designed to bring substitute teachers and schools together seamlessly. Whether you're in a web browser or using the mobile app, Senya will be your go-to for finding qualified substitutes for your school.


Last Minute Sub

Last Minute Sub

Need a Last Minute Sub?
No Problemo

More than 50% of the time, teachers need substitutes at the last minute. These last minute openings are notoriously difficult to fill! Administrators are often frantically emailing, making phone calls, and texting their list of known substitutes, pleading for them to fill in.

Senya adds last minute job bonuses of up to 30% on top of the school’s rate to incentivize substitutes to take these last minute openings. These jobs now get picked up very quickly.

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Love Our Subs?

Love Our Subs?

Love Our Subs?

Hire substitutes full time! Most companies have a huge fee for any school that wants to hire their subs for permanent positions, which can land anywhere in the $3k-$5k range.

Senya only charges a $1,495 finder’s fee if you hire a substitute who is in their first 6 months of being on the platform. After the 6 month period, schools can hire subs free of charge.


Direct Teacher Placement

Direct Teacher Placement

Direct Placement for Full Time Staff

Need our help recruiting an amazing full time staff position or teacher? NO PROBLEMO! Senya can do that. We have an incredibly talented recruiting team that will spend time understanding exactly the type of individual you are looking for. We will then spend our own time, money and energy to source the best qualified individuals who match what you are looking for. You will have the chance to interview and vet the candidates and then decide if and who to hire.

The cost for this service is just 8% of the person's full time salary. We only charge that fee if and when you actually hire them.

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Budgets Love Senya

Budgets Love Senya

Why Your School’s Budget Will Love Senya

Schools and districts can sign up with ZERO up front fees, ZERO monthly or annual fees, NO long-term contracts or commitments, and NO exclusivity agreements!

You only pay a 35% fee on top of the sub’s pay if and when we fill a job. That’s it. To make things even better, Senya will incentivize substitutes to fill jobs by adding bonuses out of our own pocket.

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What Schools Think of Senya

At Senya we treasure the feedback we get from schools, teachers, and substitutes, and we strive to keep schools, teachers, substitutes, and classrooms happy.

“We have started using Senya this year and the experience has been incredible. Every single time I have brought in a Senya sub, I receive messages from my staff praising them. Highly recommended.”

Karl E.

Amani Charter in NY

"Senya's substitute pool is full of awesome subs! The rating system not only incentivizes them but gives us confidence that the subs we pick will be great!"

Brooke M.


“The best thing Senya has accomplished is that employee attrition is down 25% from last year! This has made it so teachers are so much happier at their jobs. They can easily get a class filled.”

Cody R.

BASIS Ed HR Director in AZ

"This is the most incredible sub program I've ever seen. And I've been a principal for over 10 years. Have you guys thought of taking this to Nevada? Actually have you ever thought of taking this to Shark Tank?"

Eve B.

Edkey in AZ

"I was so done working with spreadsheets, and making hundreds of phone calls, and sending out lesson plans manually. Now, I can do all that will Senya!"

Daniel W.


"Since switching to Senya, our front office save over 10 hours of work every week. Our administration is grateful because they finally have time to work on what matters."

Summer L.


Earn Money as a Substitute Teacher

Download the Senya mobile app and start earning money as a substitute teacher. Join our community of educators today!

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Solving Sub Shortages One State at a Time

Senya started in Utah but is steadily expanding across the United States. Want to be a substitute but don’t see your state listed? Let us know where you’d like us to expand to next:

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Questions Schools Ask Us

Here are some of the most common questions we get from schools looking to join our substitute teaching platform.

How much does Senya cost?

Senya has no up front, monthly, annual, or cancellation fees for schools to use our platform. With us, you only pay when we fill a job. For each job we fill, we add a 35% fee on top of the rate you pay to the substitute teacher.

My school loves our Senya subs! Can we hire them?

Yes! Schools can hire subs who are on the Senya platform if you want to fill any permanent positions. For subs within their first 6 months on the platform, there is a $1,495 finder's fee to help cover costs of onboarding new subs. After this 6 month period, there is no cost to hiring a sub on the platform.

How are substitute teaching jobs filled on Senya?

Once a job has been posted, Senya notifies substitute teachers in the area through push notifications. If substitutes are interested in taking the job you posted, they can do so within the app and access lesson plans and any other important information they'll need to be a successful substitute teacher.

How does Senya keep substitutes motivated?

Senya has a unique Tier Bonus Program that adds bonuses on top of the school's pay rate for subs that complete a minimum of jobs each month and maintain a 4 star rating or higher. Additionally, we add bonuses to last minute jobs and pending jobs to increase their chances of being filled.

How do I get my school to join Senya’s platform?

Go to our school sign up page to sign up for a school administrator account and start using Senya to post substitute teacher jobs.

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