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It's time to make your part-time work pay like a full-time job.

Senya Subs Earn More

That’s right. You get paid for the job, and then get rewarded for consistency and performance.

Tier 1 — Standard rates

Get paid great rates from local schools in your area.

Tier 2 — 10% Bonus

Earn the standard school rate plus 10%. Reach Tier 2 when you complete 5 jobs in a month.

Tier 3 — 18% Bonus

Earn the standard school rate plus 18%. Reach Tier 3 when you complete 10 jobs in a month.

Tier 4 — 25% Bonus

Earn the standard school rate plus 25%. Reach Tier 4 when you complete 15 jobs in a month.

*Once you reach a tier, you earn the extra tier bonus for each job for the rest of the month and the following month. But you must maintain a minimum 4 star rating for all tier bonuses.

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And get paid every single friday!

Eliminate waiting for payday with direct deposit every single Friday. Your bonuses always come right along with it!

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