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Welcoming Substitutes into Your School

Learn how to make substitutes feel welcome when they work in your school.
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A Great Day Starts with You!

Making substitute teachers feel welcome is important for creating a positive and effective learning environment. Here are some suggestions for things that a school can do to help substitute teachers feel welcome:

Warm Welcome:

  • Greet substitutes warmly and introduce them to other staff members.
  • Provide a welcome package or orientation to familiarize substitutes with the school's layout, policies, and procedures.
  • Walk the substitute to their classroom if it is one of their first times at your school.

Clear Communication:

  • Provide clear instructions and expectations for the day.
  • Ensure that the substitute receives necessary information such as lesson plans, schedules, and emergency procedures.
  • Make sure the substitute teachers know what to do for their lunch break.

Access to Resources:

  • Ensure substitutes have access to necessary teaching materials, textbooks, and technology.
  • Provide login information for computers, copiers, and any other relevant systems.

Inclusive Atmosphere:

  • Assign someone to be a buddy for the sub—someone who the sub can turn to if they have questions or need help. Make sure the sub and the assigned buddy are both aware.

Recognition and Appreciation:

  • Recognize and appreciate the efforts of substitute teachers through small gestures, such as notes of thanks or inclusion in school events.
  • If a sub is requested to stay later than the originally posted time, it is a good idea to add a little bonus to the job.

Cultural Sensitivity:

  • Provide information about the cultural norms and expectations within the school to help substitutes navigate the environment more effectively.

Regular Check-Ins:

  • Schedule regular check-ins with substitutes to gather feedback and address any concerns they may have.

By implementing these practices, schools can create a positive and supportive atmosphere for substitute teachers, contributing to a more effective and enjoyable teaching experience for everyone involved.

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