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Teaching Strategies

We review professionally backed teaching techniques that will help you teach effectively.
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Teaching Strategies

In this module, we'll go over professionally-backed teaching techniques that will help you teach effectively in the classroom and help your students grasp whatever material you share with them. You should follow the lesson plan the teacher has left, but be prepared to complement these plans where necessary. Here are some helpful teaching aids you may want to utilize.

Helpful Teaching Aids

Upon introducing the topic, have the students create a KWL chart. KWL stands for what I know, what I want to know, then, what I have learned. These charts will help create a teaching roadmap, giving you guidelines that determine what should be taught. It will also help the students pay attention once they fill out the "what they learn" section at the end of the lesson.

Next, be sure to pause after asking questions. This allows time for comprehension, additional follow-up, or questions from the students. Pause again after a student gives an answer. This allows students to think critically and will generally foster good discussion.

Be positive. Focus on the parts of the students' answers that are correct. Praise their thought process and ingenuity. Let the students know that it's okay to not understand right away because this is the process of learning.

Hypothesize. Try hypothesizing. This works well when teaching something with a scientific approach. Get the class to tell you what they think will happen with a given experiment. Then, assess the results and find out why they were or were not correct.

Visual Art Teaching Strategies. You can also employ visual art teaching strategies. These include tools like charts and graphs, Venn diagrams, and concept mapping or webbing. Students can show and share their feelings through these strategies.

Team Competition Learning Games. Team competition learning games can be a fun way to push students to think quickly while quizzing what they know in a group setting. Teams should win points for correct answers. Incorrect answers should be noted.

There are many more methods of teaching effectively. The more you teach, the more tools you'll be able to utilize. Be smart and flexible in your approach, and you'll find success in the classroom.

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