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Creating Respect

Creating a positive, respect-filled environment within the classroom is even easier than you might think.
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Video: Creating Respect

Video Transcript

Creating a positive, respectful environment within the classroom is even easier than you might think. In fact, with the tips we're about to share with you, all teachers, regardless of experience, can avoid disrespect and disruption, and foster an environment of responsiveness and learning.

Managing students effectively begins long before you even enter the classroom.

First, be sure to go over and familiarize yourself with the instructions you've been given. You should feel comfortable and confident with the material to ensure class goes smoothly.

Next, arrive early and check into the office. You'll be shown to the classroom, where you can locate the lesson plan and any materials needed.

Now that class is about to start, use these effective tools to make your day of teaching incredibly smooth.

Start by greeting students at the door. This builds rapport and lets the students know you're ready for them.

Next, introduce yourself to the class and set proper expectations. Be sure to be clear when telling the students what noise level expectations you have. You can lower your voice once you've set the tone, but be firm and confident up front.

Reward good behavior. There will almost always be behavioral incentives left by the teacher; be sure to use these freely, rewarding students for their good behavior. Praising good behavior is a must. Point out students who are working well. Those who are off-task will most likely follow suit.

Remember, managing classrooms is all about setting and managing proper expectations, rewarding good behavior, and coming to the classroom prepared.

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