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Finding the Right Solution

One of the difficulties that schools face each year is securing quality coverage for teacher and staff absences. From trying in-house substitutes to working with large substitute management companies, it always seems to be a struggle to fill staffing needs, especially when last-minute emergencies arise or there are just too many staff out for the day.

Schools that use in-house substitutes are set up well for low numbers of staff absences, but it can be expensive since they are permanent, full time substitute employees. On days with higher staff absences, there simply isn’t enough coverage, which usually means that other staff get assigned extra duties. This puts a large strain on teachers when they have to cover classes during their prep time or when aides cannot support classrooms while they cover classes.

On the other hand, many schools contract with large substitute management companies to handle their absence needs. Large companies can be very expensive, and schools are often left wondering what they are paying for when substitute needs are still not getting filled.

With Senya, you have the convenience of available, quality substitutes in your community and the ease of job management through our online platform, all without the expensive costs of a large company. You only pay for substitute needs that get covered—period.

Senya’s unique bonus system incentivizes substitutes to pick up more jobs and fill those last-minute needs. Additionally, our bonus system is connected to schools’ ability to rate and favorite substitutes, incentivizing a quality work ethic. Say goodbye to subs sitting at the desk on their phones!

Take a look at the table below for a quick overview of what makes Senya stand out from traditional substitute companies!

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