2023-2024 School Spotlights

Two schools are chosen each month to spotlight. Get to know more about them!
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School Spotlights

Twice each month, we spotlight standout schools based on ratings and comments from our substitute teachers. Continue reading below to see the schools that have been spotlighted this school year!

BASIS Goodyear

The Basis Goodyear campus (Goodyear, AZ) has been partnered with Senya since August of 2023.

The BASIS Goodyear campus

About BASIS Goodyear

“Our tuition-free, public charter schools serve students in grades K-5 at BASIS Goodyear Primary and grades 6-12 at BASIS Goodyear.

We are proud to be part of the BASIS Charter Schools network which has been providing world-class education since 1998. Our campuses follow a STEM-infused, liberal arts program designed to propel your student farther than they ever thought possible.

Everyone at the Goodyear campus is here to cultivate a love of learning, natural curiosity, and the desire to excel in your student. Their success is our success.”

Substitute Reviews

"Awesome classroom culture. Students were engaged with their assignments and were helpful to each other." - Jesse N.

"Excellent!" - Robert W.

"Great staff." - Alexander G.

"Some of the most well-behaved students I have had. Very helpful and kind staff. I can tell the teacher I was substituting for really cares about their students; the sub lesson was very detailed and organized. I love BASIS schools!" - Taylor W.

"The students were awesome! Great staff too!!!" - Eddie M.

Early Light Academy

Early Light Academy (South Jordan, UT) has been partnered with Senya since August of 2019.

a photo of Early Light Academy

About Early Light Academy

"Early Light Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades K-9. At full capacity, ELA has 1,030 students.

The mission of Early Light Academy is to deliver a high-quality education with a deep, rich, and engaging curriculum utilizing effective instructional techniques and emphasizing history, taking our students from the Stone Age to the Space Age, the Information Age, and beyond.

One way ELA students are able to connect to the past is by reciting the pledge of allegiance each morning. By reciting the pledge each morning, students are taught to respect the flag and understand the great cost of our freedom.

Careful consideration of historical facts promotes critical thinking skills. Such engagement encourages each student to take responsibility for learning, providing ELA students with the skills for a smooth transition to high school as well as motivation for life-long learning and responsible citizenship."

Substitute Reviews

"Such an awesome class! Would definitely sub for them again." - Kamalani A.

"Everyone was so helpful and nice. Really good kids." - Rebecca O.

"The classes were all behaved, the teacher was well prepared, and it was a good day. I love how helpful the neighboring teachers were." - Melissa H.

"Teacher was very well prepared and the students were great. I had a lot of fun :)" - Kristen H.

ASU Preparatory Academy Poly STEM Elementary

ASU Preparatory Academy Poly STEM Elementary (Mesa, AZ) was our first partner school in Arizona! They have been partnered with Senya since April of 2023.

A photo of ASU Preparatory Academy

About ASU Preparatory Academy Poly STEM Elementary

"Our mission is to design new models for educational success and raise academic achievement for all learners. At ASU Prep, that means personalizing project-based learning to help students gain valuable critical thinking skills.

Helping students succeed is our passion. It’s why our approach is more personalized, project-based, and tailored to meet the needs of individual students in diverse communities across Arizona. It’s how we’re removing barriers and helping students pursue their passions, achieve their goals, and build a lifelong love of learning.

Prep for College. Prep for Careers. Prep for Life. Our goal is that each ASU Prep student will graduate with a minimum of 12 ASU college credits at no cost to our families. We offer every student the chance to take university or concurrent courses while in high school, saving them time and money when they get to college."

Substitute Reviews

"Friendly neighbor teachers. Very helpful and the kids were wonderful." - John L.

"Very friendly, helpful, and organized staff for the K-6 team. The students are engaged in their lessons and are respectful and fun!" - Jesse N.

Ascent Academies of Utah Saratoga Springs

The Ascent Academies of Utah charter network is one of Senya's earliest partners, joining in the fall of 2019! The Saratoga Springs campus opened in 2022.

A photo of Ascent Academy

About Ascent Academy Saratoga Springs

"An award-winning tuition-free public charter school open to all families.
Providing students a safe place to learn with smaller class sizes and strong academic programs."

Educational Philosophy

"Ascent Academies of Utah (AAU) network of schools combines the Schoolwide Enrichment Model’s (SEM) research-based strategies and instructional methods aligned to the Utah Core Standards to provide students throughout the network with engaging learning opportunities; this network of schools was explicitly designed to:

  • Create opportunities for students to pursue questions of personal interest to them (SEM).
  • Create an environment where teachers have the training and experience to deliver AAU’s academic program, to help students find resources and mentors, to find audiences and outlets, and to help students focus their abilities on solving problems in areas that have personal relevance to the student.  This learning environment will be created and supported through targeted professional development, cross-campus professional collaboration, and ongoing training/support (professional learning communities); and
  • Provide information (context) and thinking processes in an integrated, inductive, and real-problem-oriented manner.

It is the unique combination of SEM and active professional learning communities that sets AAU apart from other schools. SEM recognizes the need for high academic standards, equity in education, and strategies and content that promote learning for all students."

Substitute Reviews

"Great school, staff, and students. Great organization and a great experience." - Kimberly K.

"Teacher was extremely organized and the lesson plan was easy to follow. Kids know the routine well." - Ivy T.

Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics Elementary School

ACAA Elementary School (Phoenix, AZ) has been partnered with Senya since July of 2023.

A photo of ACAA Elementary School

About ACAA Elementary School

"The Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics (ACAA) Elementary is a public, non-tuition charter school serving grades K-5. ACAA is a member of the Sequoia Schools family of schools managed by Edkey, Inc.

We offer an innovative schedule and high powered curriculum, with a faculty of highly qualified educators and professional artists who share a mutual determination to find a better way to educate the next generation. We are dedicated to providing students with a rigorous curriculum fostering a balance between fine arts and a dynamic program of student centered instruction in a college preparatory setting. Students attend school Monday through Thursday with an opportunity on Fridays to participate in free tutoring for more academic support as well as department rehearsals. We are accredited through AdvancED and have been rated as one of the top performing arts schools in Phoenix, Arizona."

Substitute Reviews

ACAA Elementary School has received over 100 five-star ratings just halfway through the school year!

"These were the best middle schoolers I have ever taught! Small classes, very clear and helpful sub plans, helpful staff; I would love to sub again at this school." - Taylor W.

Noah Webster Academy

Noah Webster Academy (Orem, Utah) has been partnered with Senya since August of 2020.

A photo of Noah Webster Academy

About Noah Webster Academy

"Noah Webster Academy is a community of scholars, parents, teachers, staff, and board members who partner to develop the hearts and minds of children, create a safe and nurturing environment, and inspire a lifelong love of learning, leadership, and service.

Our desire is to ensure academic growth for each child as they master grade level content as prescribed by the Utah state standards. We accomplish this through a variety of ways and resources.

  • Positive certified teachers with teaching assistants in each classroom
  • Proven academic growth for each child.
  • Researched based programs to assist with teaching and learning.
  • Leveled grouping for reading and math which supports individualized instruction.
  • Daily use of technology in all grades.
  • Continual monitoring of content taught and retaught as needed.
  • Teacher-led after school enrichment activities.

We help develop strong character traits in each child, thus giving them the necessary skills to be contributing citizens in society. We teach and promote:

  • Patriotism.
  • Moral values.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Goal setting skills.
  • Helping others.

We partner with parents to ensure there is a strong, positive connection between home and school."

Substitute Reviews

Noah Webster Academy has been rated 5 stars by over two dozen subs!

"Great school and great staff." - Kimberly K.

"Love working here! Staff was friendly, teacher was amazing, kids were great! Would love to sub here again." - Allie H.

Rockwell Charter High School

Rockwell Charter High School (Eagle Mountain, Utah) has been partnered with Senya since August of 2023.

Photo of Rockwell Charter High School

About Rockwell Charter High School

"We know that if students are truly led, they will follow. High expectations - met with resources, encouragement, and strategies for success - inspire students to reach their best personally and academically. The opportunity to be challenged, supported, and guided toward a successful future that includes a college degree or vocational study is the right of every student at Rockwell Charter School.

The Rockwell Charter Way

The Rockwell smaller environment lends itself to a personalized experience that recognizes the unique talents, dreams, and learning styles of each student.  We strive to provide postsecondary and trade school preparation that is second to none.

Supporting Student Success

Personalized education at Rockwell means that we tailor the what, when, where, and how of learning to meet each student’s strengths, skills, needs, and interests. Students learn at different paces, but our teachers keep them on track to meet and exceed milestones on the way to a diploma. It’s the opposite of the 'one-size-fits-all' approach."

Substitute Reviews

"This school was so well organized! I would love to work with them again!" - Laura M.

"Rockwell is a great school with great students!" - Krystal D.

"Teacher was extremely organized and kids were respectful." - Ivy T.

Children First Leadership Academy

Children First Leadership Academy (Phoenix, AZ) has been partnered with Senya since August of 2023.

photo of Children First Leadership Academy

About Children First Leadership Academy

"CFLA exists to help each student succeed. Our talented leadership and staff inspire students to be respectful individuals, responsible citizens, and critical thinkers. CFLA serves the whole child by providing hope, fostering strength, facilitating self-determination, and developing leadership qualities.

Additional resources provided by CFLA’s supportive stakeholders enable students to participate in a stable, stimulating, and supportive environment that instills confidence and eliminates the obstacles that might otherwise stand in the way of a quality education. The CFLA staff recognizes that educating children requires more than a classroom, desks, and textbooks.

We differentiate our instructional programs to help all students access a rigorous education with the enrichment and support for accelerated learners, English language learners, students with disabilities, and students below grade level."

Substitute Reviews

"I enjoyed how organized the school was and how inviting they were. Great group of teachers to work with." - Cai W.

"Students were so sweet and the lesson plans were easy to follow and kept the students engaged." - Lee H.

International Leadership Charter High School

International Leadership Charter High School (Bronx, NY) has been partnered with Senya since October of 2023.

photo of International Leadership Charter High School

About International Leadership Charter HS

"The International Leadership Charter High School community believes that every student has the potential to become a College Bound Leader:

Regents and College Preparatory Standards

To have an academically rigorous Regents and college preparatory curriculum that elevates the students’ intellectual capacity and provides a superior high school education.

Leadership and Enriched Studies

To have an expanded curriculum which includes international studies of economic, social, and political issues that affect their daily lives. International Leadership Charter High School scholars will learn to cultivate their leadership skills with a commitment to community development, social action, and participation in global economy.

Family-Style Environment

To offer a small learning environment with extended school hours, additional academic supports, and numerous opportunities for parental engagement.

Community-Based Activities

To develop opportunities for students to participate in programs that support classroom learning such as the Model UN, FAST Track, STEM Program at Lehman, and the CUNY CollegeNow Program at Lehman."

Substitute Reviews

Over 80 5-star ratings so far this school year!


BASIS Oro Valley Primary (near Tucson, AZ) has been partnered with Senya since August of 2023.

photo of BASIS Oro Valley Primary campus

About BASIS Oro Valley Primary

"You may know that BASIS Charter Schools prides itself on its STEM-infused, college preparatory, K–12 tuition-free curriculum. World-class academic excellence is what drives BASIS, and your student will be challenged to conquer high level concepts.

What you may not know is that our teachers are degreed subject experts in their fields who support big ideas, creative solutions, and a sky’s-the-limit attitude in discovering what is possible. They are given the autonomy to teach their material as they deem most effective, so there are no pre-packaged lesson plans. The term “cookie cutter” does not apply here, and individualized instruction at BASIS Charter Schools includes not just one educator per classroom at the primary level, but two. Most importantly, our teachers are cultivating your student’s desire to expand their knowledge base and are creating generations of lifelong learners.

We embrace inclusion, and a unique sense of community at each campus. Creative thinking, innovation, and problem solving, stems from being able to freely express oneself, so you won’t see your student in a uniform on any of our campuses. What you will see is your student being an active participant in their education. They will be encouraged to lead, connect, collaborate, and hold themselves accountable for their successes and failures. Your student will learn to meet and resolve conflict and view the world through global eyes to prepare for societal challenges.

Everyone at the Oro Valley Primary campus is here to cultivate a love of learning, natural curiosity, and the desire to excel in your student. Their success is our success."

Substitute Reviews

"My favorite school. BASIS is the best!" - Wael G.

"The administrators (and other staff I spoke to and worked with) were extremely helpful and made sure I knew what my responsibilities were throughout the day." - Nathan G.

Providence Hall Elementary School

Providence Hall Elementary School (Herriman, UT) has been partnered with Senya since January of 2023.

photo of Providence Hall Elementary School

About Providence Hall Elementary School

"Picasso said, 'You cannot teach painting, you must find it.' It is this concept that lies at the heart of Providence Hall’s philosophy. We realize that you may teach a child, but unless they choose to learn it for themselves, they will not 'find it.' Therefore, in addition to traditional teaching methods, Providence Hall’s instructors employ hands-on experience, reflection, and real-life application as methods of instruction in efforts to convey to students the notion that knowledge is power and a tool that can better one’s life. Cooperatively, these methods of instruction will not only educate with knowledge, but also show the significance of that knowledge, resulting in genuine understanding gained from personal experience. Providence Hall believes that every student has greatness within and those educational experiences should guide and assist students in discovering the best within themselves. We believe that by making education relevant and stimulating, students will develop a love and excitement for learning which will extend beyond the classroom promoting a life of learning.

Providence Hall provides quality education that embraces and magnifies a student’s innate curiosity, individuality and special talents. We acknowledge that students are born with strengths and weaknesses in their learning styles. Providence Hall’s environment encourages each child to develop uniquely and supports each child in achieving his or her full intellectual potential.

Providence Hall recognizes the importance of personal responsibility. By teaching students to set goals and evaluate personal accomplishment, students will build confidence and feel responsible for their learning and growth."

Substitute Reviews

"Very well-written instructions and amazing class!" - Ryan B.

"Providence Hall Elementary has helpful staff and the facility is great to navigate! The teacher left detailed notes, and the TA was a great guide during the transition. Thank you for a great day!" - Kimberly N.

Archway Classical Academy Scottsdale

Archway Classical Academy Scottsdale has been partnered with Senya since January of 2024.

photo of Archway Classical Academy

About Archway Classical Academy Scottsdale

"As a tuition-free, K-5 public charter school, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional preparatory education in the classical liberal arts tradition to our elementary school students. Our school stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, one that not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures the hearts and minds of young learners.

In the pursuit of our mission, Archway Scottsdale offers a curriculum rich in the foundational elements of a classical education: reading, writing, arithmetic, geometry, science, literature, and history. Our approach extends beyond traditional academic subjects, integrating Spanish, fine arts, and physical education to ensure a well-rounded educational experience. This comprehensive program is designed to provide each student with a durable foundation, preparing them not only for academic success but also for a life filled with purpose and leadership in any field they choose to endeavor.

Our vibrant school culture is rooted in the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty – principles that guide our teaching and shape our students’ intellectual and moral development. At Archway Scottsdale, we believe that education is a transformative journey, one that shapes individuals to become thoughtful, virtuous, and responsible citizens. Our dedicated faculty are not just educators; they are mentors who inspire a love of learning and a commitment to excellence in our students.

Located in the heart of North Scottsdale, our school benefits from the richness and diversity of our community. This unique setting allows us to offer an educational experience that is not only academically rigorous but also culturally enriching. Our students learn in an environment that values and celebrates diversity, fostering an inclusive and respectful school community."

Substitute Reviews

"Absolutely love Archway Scottsdale! They are so welcoming and helpful!" - Grace G.

"Everyone at this school welcomed me with open arms. Even though this is only my second week, they made me feel a part of their team. My input matters in any situation and they take it into consideration." - Rodrick B.

Hawthorn Academy South Jordan

Hawthorn Academy South Jordan is one of our longest school partners—since August of 2019!

photo of Hawthorn Academy South Jordan

About Hawthorn Academy South Jordan

"At Hawthorn, we believe building a strong school culture is vital to the success and well being of students and teachers. At its core, culture is a collection of shared values and expectations that inform practice. At Hawthorn, we value Safety, Growth, and Engagement.

We believe that if we align our efforts to these core values and establish expectations that guide and inform the practices of all students and adults, we will cultivate a culture of positivity, high expectations, inclusion, and trust.

Curriculum & Instruction

Embedded in these three core values is Hawthorn Academy’s commitment to providing high quality instruction for all students. All teachers follow a guaranteed and viable curriculum that aligns to Utah’s core standards, and work to assure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive academically and reach their full potential.

In addition to our core content areas, we are excited to begin the process of a strong STEM integration throughout our day to day curriculum. This new focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math promotes 21st century skills by fostering the 4 C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking."

Substitute Reviews

"This was a great school to sub at. The other teachers were very supportive and the students were very well behaved and lots of fun!" - Krystal D.

"Amazing school, all teachers were nice and supportive. Classroom was neat and plans were detailed. Would highly teach here again." - Kiara C.

Hawthorn Academy South Jordan received over 275 five-star ratings this school year!

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