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The Senya Sub Tier System

At Senya, we believe in nurturing potential, recognizing hard work, and offering subs multiple opportunities to shine. Join us, where every job is a step closer to your next achievement!

Tier 1


Every sub embarks on their Senya journey at Tier 1, receiving payment at the school's rate.

Tier 2

10% Bonus

After completing just 5 jobs in a calendar month, our system celebrates your commitment and promotes you to a Tier 2 status. The only catch? Keep impressing our schools with your skills, maintaining a minimum of a 4-star rating.

Tier 3

18% Bonus

Once you’ve showcased your exceptional service by completing 10 jobs within a month, you’ll be elevated to Tier 3. Maintain your stellar 4-star (or higher) performance, and continue enjoying the perks of this level.

Tier 4

25% Bonus

For our most dedicated subs who finish 15 jobs in one month, we invite you to join the esteemed Tier 4 club. Relish the benefits and prestige, but ensure to uphold that 4-star rating or more.