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You already love teaching, Why not make more every time you sub?*

*our subs can make $25/hour

Sub on your own time. No degree required. Make a deep difference in the classroom.

Jessica Railton
Substitute Teacher
Sonia Allen
Substitute Teacher
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Here's How It Works

Schools near you post jobs in Senya
Apply for the jobs you want
Instructions and teaching plans are provided
Teach more—Get more bonuses

It's the fulfilling, flexible way to make more!

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Our Subs Love Subbing with Senya

Senya Rewards me More

"I started subbing with Senya last year and it’s changed my life. I already enjoyed teaching, but Senya rewards me even more for doing the job I love!”

Dan B.
Seyna Sub
It's Amazing

"I’m started subbing with Senya as a way to earn extra during college. I couldn’t believe how amazing it was! I ended up getting recommendations and an awesome full-time job because of it.”

Elise W.
Senya Sub
Like Getting Paid Double

"My wife and I are retired teachers that started using Senya to find extra jobs. Then, the paychecks came and we thought it was a mistake! It was almost like we were getting paid double for every job we did.”

Jim P.
Senya Sub

Substitute Teaching is Fulfilling, We Make it More Worth it.

Tier Bonus — $$

That’s right. You get paid for the job, and then get rewarded for consistency and performance.

Tier 1 — Standard rates

Get paid great rates from local schools in your area.

Tier 2 — 10% EXTRA!

After 5 completed jobs in a month.

Tier 3 — 18% EXTRA!

After 10 completed jobs in a month.

Tier 4 — 25% EXTRA!

After 15 completed jobs in a month.

*Once you reach a tier, you earn the extra tier bonus for each job for the rest of the month and the following month. But you must maintain a minimum 4 star rating for all tier bonuses.

Get Paid Every Single Friday

Eliminate waiting for payday with direct deposit every Friday! Your bonuses will always come right along with it.

Get Started

What you can expect when getting started.

We're here to help every step of the way.

Fill out a few quick forms.

There are some preliminary forms you’ll need to fill out so we can get you going.

The background check.

The state requires a background check for our student’s safety. We’ll help you through this process!

Now you're ready to accept jobs!

That’s it! You’re ready to start looking for and accepting subbing jobs and getting paid.

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