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5 Tips for being a Substitute Teacher

Maximize your utility, Engage with students and have a good time!

Being Flexible

Schools are often dealing with emergency changes each morning, and a posted sub assignment may need to be altered. This includes covering unexpected classes or staff duties.

Engaging with Students and Staff

Students and staff appreciate subs who are actively involved throughout the entire day. Subs who remain at the teacher desk or are distracted with personal devices consistently receive lower ratings.

Keeping to Planned Activities and Conversations

Teachers and administrators take note of subs who are well-liked by students. These subs are kind, encouraging, and maintain the high expectations that students get from their regular teachers. When subs deviate from lesson plans or classroom expectations, it creates difficulties for students and for teachers when they return. Schools also consistently give lower ratings when subs “overshare” personal life details or side stories with students.

Offering Support During Prep Time

If the class that you are subbing for has scheduled prep time (no students in the room), schools appreciate subs who check in with the office and offer to support during that time.

Leaving Detailed Notes for the Teacher

For each class or class period, write down important notes for the teacher, such as how students did with the lesson, how much of the lesson was completed, standout students, and any significant discipline issues.